RT-PCR Test is being given importance in the State – Health Minister Jaipur

Jaipur, August 4. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that RT-PCR test is being given the priority in the State as it is the most reliable in regard to testing coronavirus and till now more than 16 lakh corona tests have been done. He said that all the 115 serious patients treated with plasma therapy and 176 given lifesaving injections have recovered and are healthy.
Dr Sharma questioning the reliability of antigen tests said that the State Government has been constantly demanding the Central Government for the antigen kits, but till date the Central Government has not provided them. He said that a private hospital had conducted tests by ordering 200 antigen kits, but 50% of the kits did not meet the standards and were showing results of positive patients as negative. After checking the remaining 50% of the kits, the right status of its reliability would be known and ICMR would be apprised about the same.
Conducting experimental testing in corona is like putting the life patients at risk
The Health Minister said that when everyday more than 55,000 positive cases are reported in the country, in such a situation conducting experimental testing is like putting the life of patients at risk. He said that the Central government is putting the life of people at risk by approving the less reliable tests of the foreign companies. He said that earlier too the Rajasthan Government had raised questions on the results of  rapid testing kits recognised by ICMR and ICMR agreeing with Rajasthan prohibited the use of rapid testing kits in the entire country. Dr Sharma said that the increase in corona infection has been due to workplaces, fruit and vegetable vendors, provision stores and social functions. He appealed to the general public to adopt the lifestyle by following the guidelines of the Centre and the State Government.
Plasma Bank will be opened in all the Government Medical Colleges
Dr Sharma said that so far 115 people have been given plasma therapy in the State and its results have been 100%. People are given new lease of life through plasma therapy in Udaipur and Bikaner after Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota. Soon treatment through plasma therapy will be started in Ajmer. He said after Jaipur, recently the plasma bank has been started in Kota. Soon, plasma banks would be opened in all the old medical colleges, so that maximum people get relief.
People are getting new life with lifesaving injection and plasma therapy
The Health Minister said that the general public is being provided lifesaving injections (tocilizumab and remdesivir ), which cost Rs 40,000 free of cost at medical colleges and district hospitals. He said till now 176 people have been administered these injections and the results have been quite encouraging. He said that there is no dearth of budget for the treatment of patients. He said that the intention of the Chief Minister is to increase the recovery ratio and reduce the fatality rate. He said the fatality rate in the State is 1.57%. Efforts are being made to reduce the fatality rate in the State through complete treatment including plasma therapy and lifesaving injections.
Collectors directed for local lockdown on more positive cases
Dr Sharma said that all the district collectors of the State have been directed to impose local lockdown and night curfew in a situation of more number of corona positive cases. In case of more cases, directions have been given to put patients in home quarantine. He said that if people violate the home quarantine then they should be kept at institutional quarantine. Facility of more than 2,000 institutional quarantine has been developed in the State.
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