सैम्पल फेल होने के कारण 11 सैनेटाइजर ब्रांड के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज

Chandigarh, August 6- Haryana Health Minister Mr. Anil Vij said that FIRs have been registered against 11 sanitizer brands due to failure of samples of sanitizers collected across various districts in the State. Along with this, a notice has been issued to cancel or suspend the license of the respective brand.

Mr. Vij said that about 248 samples were collected by Food and Drug Administration of Haryana, out of which reports of 123 samples have been received. Out of the received reports, 109 samples have been passed, while 14 samples have been failed. Among these, 9 brands were found substandard, while 5 brands were found with excessive quantity of methanol present in them, which acts as a toxin. Death may occur by consuming methanol. He said that instructions have been given to recover the entire stock of failed brand sanitizer back from the market so that people do not suffer any kind of loss.

Health Minister said that samples of ‘Best Time Unit’ and ‘Mother Health’ brands in Kaithal district have been failed. Similarly, 9 sanitizer samples of ‘Global Bottlers’ in Karnal district have been failed due to the excessive amount of methanol present in them which is harmful for the body. Apart from these, two brands in Hisar district have also not been found of good quality. A case has been registered against them and a notice has been issued for taking appropriate action.

Mr. Vij said that at initial stage of Corona outbreak, a complaint of selling fake sanitizers in the market was received, due to which the Food and Drug Administration was instructed to conduct raids in the districts of Haryana. Following this, raids were conducted in various districts from March 6 to 8, 2020 by the administration and about 158 samples were collected. Similarly 90 samples were collected from different parts of the State on May 22, 2020. Appropriate action will be taken after receiving the report, he added.

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