Amarinder Singh govt has lost trust of  people, leaders of own party: AAP

…Speaking against govt-sponsored mafia rule in state is dubbed as anti-party activity: Harpal Cheema

…Mere ‘Lip service’ will do no justice to families which lost their bread winners: Aman Arora

Chandigarh, August  5

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab, taking a pot shot at Congress Party state President Sunil Jakhar, said by accusing two veteran leaders of his own party – Shamsher Singh Dullo and Partap Singh Bajwa, of stabbing the party in the back by indulging in anti-party activity he had brought forth the disquiet among senior leadership. It said that though it was an internal matter of the Congress party, the people of Punjab were experiencing the excruciating pain of a bloody stab in their backs.

In a joint statement issued from here on Wednesday, senior leader and Leader of the Opposition (LoP) Harpal Singh Cheema and Sunam MLA Aman Arora said that it was the Congress party which had made several promises to the people of Punjab ahead of the 2017 assembly elections. They said Maharaja Amarinder Singh had, in the presence of Sri Gutka Sahib, made a promise to crush drug within 4 weeks of assuming power, giving ghar-ghar- naukri, complete debt waiver to farmers, allotment of 5-marla plots to dalits, Rs. 2500 pension etc, saying the Maharaj Amarinder Singh government had done nothings to live those promises even as three and a half years have gone, while all kinds of mafia, including drug mafia, liquor mafia among other were rampant in Punjab under the protection of the political masters.

Harpal Singh Cheema said that if anyone spoke against the government-sponsored mafia, Congress president Sunil Jakhar pitched in to defend the Maharaja. Cheema reiterated that Jakhar might have forgotten to have made tall promises to the people during the elections, inter alia, nixing the deadly power pacts the erstwhile Badal government had inked with private players. He said that he (Sunil Jakhar) seemed to have forgotten all those promises he made to the people.

The LoP said that while the Aam Aadmi Party had been demanding the resignation of Maharaja Amarinder Singh as Chief Minister, Home Minister and Excise Minister (he holds these portfolios as well), Jakhar was all out to put up a defence to the Maharaja, alleging that whosoever spoke against the mafia rule and its link with Maharaja Amarinder Singh, the Congress president came in his open support.

Cheema said that governments always survived on the trust people reposed in them, but Punjab government was the one which had lost trust not only of the people but also senior leaders of the party, saying Maharaja Amarinder Singh had forfeited his moral right to stay in power, demanding his immediate resignation as Chief Minister.

Aman Arora on the occasion said, “I call Capt. Amarinder Singh “I hold the Captains, who always lead their troops on the battle ground and fight bravely and become role models for others. Captain Amarinder Singh is not a captain in true senses of the term but a Maharaja who prefers to stay in his palaces, least bothering about what is happening around the palace. The Captain of Punjab has acted as a true Maharaja who has forgotten about the sufferings of the people of Punjab and is holidaying in his farmhouse”

Aman Arora said that Maharaja Amarinder Singh and Sunil Jakhar were giving unsolicited advice to people. Recently, Maharaja Amarinder Singh advised Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal not to do politics over the dead, questioning who was responsible for loss of 110 innocent lives caused by the consumption of hooch, accusing him (Maharaja Amarinder Singh) this worst ever human tragedy, which was a fallout of the ill-designed policies of the Congress government shoving the youth into drug traffickers leading to open deaths and destruction in various parts of the state.

Aman Arora said that by sitting cosy in his farm house, Maharaja Amarinder Singh was offering a mere ‘lip service’, which he said, would not be suffice to bring justice to the families who lost their bread winners. He said he (Maharaja Amarinder Singh) should out of his supine pastures and provide adequate relief to the aggrieved families.

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