11 lakh cattle breeders to benefit to tune of Rs. 3 and half Crore every year –  Tript Bajwa

Punjab Government decides to go in for free vaccination to save animals from Hemorrhagic septisemia & other diseases.

Chandigarh, May 16:

In a major relief to the 11 lakh cattle breeders of Punjab, the State Government today decided to go in for free vaccination to save the animals from diseases such as Hemorrhagic septisemia (Ghal ghotu), swine fever and Black quarter(Patt soj) With the decision of the Punjab Government, all the vaccinations to save the animals from diseases would now be free of cost.

The Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries Minister, Punjab, Mr. Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa said that the novel initiative has been undertaken by the department as per the directions of the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh in order to provide some relief to the cattle breeders who are reeling under losses due to the corona virus. He also added that as of now, the cattle breeders are spending Rs. 3 and half crore every year in order to get their animals vaccinated. Now, the vaccination would be absolutely free. The State sees every year 65 lakh animals being vaccinated with this injection.

Divulging more, Mr. Bajwa said that apart from Hemorrhagic septisemia(Ghal Ghotu) , the State Government has also decided to provide free vaccination to save the animals from Swine fever and Black quarter(Patt soj).

The minister further disclosed that the landmark decision of the State Government would result in free vaccinations under the vaccination program to save the animals from diseases. He further elaborated that the animals are already being vaccinated free of cost with regard to saving them from Foot and Mouth and other diseases. Similarly, the PPR vaccinations for goats and Ranikhet vaccination for Poultry are also being done free of cost.

The minister further expressed hope that this initiative of the Punjab Government would help the State Government achieve the target of saving the animals from various diseases. He also said that the disease free animals and poultry are directly connected to the human health. This decision would improve the health of the animals as well as ensuring sound health of humans too.

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