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 12 tips to control ‘sugar level’ at home  


There are many ways which in which you can balance your sugar level and some of the home remedies are listed below:

  • Doing exercise regularly helps you maintain a moderate weight and increase insulin sensitivity. Even exercise also helps your muscles use blood sugar for energy and contraction of muscles.
  • Normally, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which further raises blood sugar levels. By reducing carbohydrate intake throughout a day can help in controlling blood sugar levels.
  • Additionally, a high fibber diet can help in managing type 1-diabetes by improving the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar in a well mannered. Food including high fibber should be consumed in your meal that are Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains and much more.
  • Drink plenty of water. By staying hydrated, you can reduce blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes for future. Water is the best choice.
  • In your meal, prefer to use smaller plates and the proportion and avoid eating at restaurants and the fast food frequently. Also, eat slowly as it helps in better digestion.
  • More you take stress, more the sugar level go up. So, managing stress levels through exercise or relaxation methods, such as yoga, brisk walking may help you better regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Have a good sleep for around 8 hours helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels and also promote a healthy weight. We cannot deny the fact that having adequate sleep refreshes the mind and soul which is good for health and body.
  • One exciting ingredient which can be added in your meal is apple cider vinegar. Adding this in your diet will help your body in various ways, including reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Mix some spice in your diet by adding cinnamon. It is said that it helps in reducing fasting blood sugar levels and also improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Maintain your body weight along with the sugar level. Keeping a moderate waistline will help you maintain normal blood sugar levels and decrease your risk for developing diabetes in future.
  • Intake of sugar products in daily routine is effectively increasing calories. It causes an immediate spike in the blood sugar.
  • Ingredients from home kitchen known as cinnamon and fenugreek seeds are relatively safe. They may have beneficial effects on your blood sugar if you take them along with the carbohydrates.
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