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4 yoga asanas for elderly people to prevent osteoarthritis

It is never too late to begin leading a healthy lifestyle, and you can begin new endeavors at any age because maintaining a healthy level of physical activity as you age can reduce your risk of developing many life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, the body’s slower metabolism makes it harder to maintain weight loss, but maintaining physical and mental fitness, as well as safe exercise, is of the utmost importance.

Try these gentle asanas to enhance the health, resistance, strength, and general wellbeing of seniors and older adults:

1. Samasthithi/Tadasana

Standing tall with your big toes touching and your heels pressed together, pull in your abs and relax your shoulders back and down. Tend your leg muscles while taking 5 to 8 deep breaths. Seniors can strike this pose to maintain a tall, powerful posture.

A piece of advice: Make an effort to evenly distribute your weight across both feet.

2. Vrikshasana 

Initially, assume the Samasthithi role. Lift your right leg off the ground while keeping your weight centered on your left leg. By supporting it with your palms, bring your right foot as near as you can to your inner thigh, ankle, or calf. Raise your hands and join your palms together. Always put your head between your arms. Extend your other leg in the same manner.

A piece of advice

• If you have a shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle injury, stay away from this pose.

• Arthritic people must not perform this pose.

3. Vajrasana 

As you sit down in a kneeling position with your knees joined, your pelvis on your heels, your toes curled outward, your heels close to one another, your big toes next to one another, your palms facing upward on your knees, and your back straight, your thighs should be pressing down on your calf muscles.
A word of caution: If you have a knee or ankle injury, stay away from this asana. If you’re doing this on a yoga mat, put a pillow on your calves to cushion your knees. This pose can even be done on a bed or other cushioned surface.

4. Paschimottanasana 

Legs should be extended forward to start. Keep your spine upright while extending your arms upward. Exhale as you stoop forward and rest your upper body on your lower body. Drop your arms and place your fingers on your big toes. Try to put your nose so close to your knees. For 10 seconds, maintain the position.

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