5 Easy ways to include vitamins in diet

It’s critical to intentionally include vitamins that improve immunity in our diets. However, the effects of fast urbanization and unrealistic body images have greatly impacted people’s lifestyles, and vitamin deficiencies—particularly those of vitamin D and other fat-soluble vitamins—are on the rise.

The most important vitamin on the list is vitamin C since, in addition to helping with immunity, it is a significant antioxidant. Including green tea with vitamin C in it in your daily routine is one of the simple ways to obtain it. The second item on the list is vitamin D, which supports immunological health and reduces inflammation.

Our skin naturally produces this vitamin when exposed to sunlight, therefore it’s important to acquire enough of it (20–30 minutes of sun exposure daily); salmon, sardines, and egg yolks are a few uncommon food sources of vitamin D. Last but not least, vitamin A, which is also known as an anti-inflammation vitamin, boosts our immune system. The best source of carotenoids is sweet potatoes.

The five lifestyle modifications to acquire your daily intake of vitamins are as follows:

1. A person’s levels of vitamin D can be raised with enough sun exposure. The best time to acquire the most vitamin D is between 10 AM and 3 PM.

2. A person’s general health can be significantly enhanced by include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet.

3. Nuts and oilseeds, like sunflower, have a high fiber content in addition to fat, which helps with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and encourages the production of vitamin B12 by the gut flora.

4. Include complex carbohydrate items in your meal plan, such as hand-pounded rice and parboiled rice. These contain abundant amounts of vitamin B complex.

5. Include dishes like avial, which is a mixture of vegetables cooked with fresh coconut, curd, and coconut oil, vatha kuzhambu, which is a curry made with sun-dried berries and gingelly oil, and sambar with ghee on your menu. These foods are incredibly nourishing.

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