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5 Healthy snack alternatives for children


Chocolates, ice cream, and colors will always be favorites among the children. However, we frequently become perplexed when it comes to balancing delicacies and snacks with the proper nutrients.

When your child eats a lot of sugar-sweetened items, he or she may not have room for the essential nutrients that developing bodies require, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. Too much sugar in childhood, like everything else, can lead to dangerous appetites as children get older.” She went on to say that improper snacking can eventually lead to obesity and diabetes.

Here are some ideas for changing up the snack and its components to ensure that the kids get their daily dosage of nutrients as they eat.

Coconut milk thandai: A variation on the traditional sugar milk thandai, this thandai is packed with the benefits of coconut, jaggery, and healthful fatty acids.

Chia pudding: Instead of using ordinary white sugar, make a pudding using chia seeds and ripe banana.

Regular kheer is the most basic. Why not add some quinoa and jaggery to it? It’ll be even healthier than conventional rice kheer.

Kulfi: Summer and kulfis go hand in hand. However, instead of milk, coconut milk and dates should be used.

Sweet potato brownie: This snack has all of the components from a child’s favorite food book, including sweet potato, jaggery, dates, and cacao powder.

“Simple changes like substituting milk with coconut milk and sugar with jaggery may drastically alter the nutritional value of sweet treats,” the dietician continued.

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