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5 natural ways to get rid of a headache

Headaches frequently strike without warning and can ruin both your mood and productivity. We typically take a painkiller practically immediately in order to save time and resume work as soon as possible. Every shortcut has a drawback, and long-term painkiller misuse can cause liver damage, cardiovascular problems, and a variety of digestive problems. So, if you’re someone who uses this shortcut, you need to quit using it right once and look for natural headache relief methods.

Here are 5 quick tips to get rid of a headache without taking any painkillers.

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking water will help your headache the most. Drinking water alone won’t keep you hydrated, though. Actually, drinking tap water or water with inadequate amounts of minerals can cause dehydration by flushing your electrolytes down the toilet. You also need sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in addition to water. The best way to obtain these is by using mineral water, adding a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to your water, or drinking an electrolyte drink.
  2. Address your posture: Tension headaches can result from straining the upper back and neck when slouching at your desk and staring down at your laptop. Your headache can be significantly reduced by stretching, foam rolling, and giving yourself a pressure-point massage.
  3. Get fresh air: Fatigue, headaches, lack of focus, and other symptoms might arise from an oxygen-poor, stifling environment. Open a window to allow ample ventilation in your space.
  4. Remove the junk light: Offices often have fluorescent lighting or LEDs that flicker. This lighting has a flicker that isn’t visible to the human eye, and the flicker itself can cause migraines. If you can, switch out fluorescent or LED lighting for incandescent or halogen alternatives.
  5. Head outdoors: Your stress levels, mood, inflammation, and headache can all be greatly reduced by taking a break from what you’re doing and going outside to ground yourself in the fresh air and sunshine.
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