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5 remedies to treat muscle cramps at home


Old age people having nerve disorders, pregnant women, menstruating girls or people who overuse their muscles often contract muscle cramps. There are more reasons behind this which are dehydration, staying in one position for a long time, and people having any mineral deficiencies. If your diet does not contain magnesium and potassium then it’s obvious that muscle cramps will trigger.

When muscle cramps come some people start fearing that they need medical attention but in reality, it’s not. There are various remedies available at home which can treat your cramps within hours. However, these muscle cramp remedies can help you feel better and get back to your normal routine.

Here are some tips to get rid of muscle cramps.

Apply cold compressor- If the pan is unbearable then immediately pat the cold compressor or ice pack on the affected area to get some relief. Do it for 20 minutes.

Massage your muscles- Peppermint oil, olive oil, coconut oil and more are the natural ingredients that are easily found at home and can be useful to massage the muscles.

Use a heating pad or warm towel- If you feel that the cold compressor is increasing the pain then you can try a heating pad or warm towel and pat on the painful area. You can also have a warm water shower while having muscle cramps.

Stretching- When you realize that muscle cramps are hitting, stop that activity on spot and start doing stretching because this is one of the best ways to get immediate relief from muscle cramps. However, trainers’ advice stretching before and after the exercise to avoid muscle cramps.

Drink water- One of the reasons behind the start-up of muscle cramps is dehydration. When you stay hydrated it helps the muscles contract and relaxes and you are pain-free.

As frequently muscle cramp goes away within hours after trying home remedies but if you face these signs then you can consult a physician for treatment.

  • Severe pain along with muscle cramp
  • After stretching or it lasts more than one day
  • You start getting muscle cramps regularly


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