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7 health benefits of iron and vitamins-rich green vegetables


The correct proportion of iron and vitamins is very important to live a healthy life.
It will make you perform all the daily activities in full energy. To stay fit and healthy you don’t only need to eat food three times, as you need to eat iron, vitamins and minerals in good amounts to fight the disease.

Fresh vegetables are the appropriate source of iron which makes your body resistant to daily chores. There are various types of vegetables that contain iron and green vegetables contain a higher percentage of iron. The iron which is provided in the green vegetables has many benefits for all of the people. Green vegetables have the power to treat all the ailments which most people suffer.

The benefits of having green vegetables for iron and vitamins include:

  • Nutritional – Green veggies like spinach, peas and much more add nutrition to the body. They give us more energy to fight diseases.
  • Medical uses – Many herbs are used as medicines. They act as an ingredient for the medicines.
  • Increase immunity- Green vegetables boost the immunity and metabolism rate if taken in routine.
  • Balances blood pressure – Green vegetables tend to balance the blood pressure. Everyone, especially the patients with blood pressure should make soup at home to cure their infections. Example: Tomato soup, Soup from leafy vegetables.
  • To decrease fat – During the workout gym trainers, as well as the nutritionist, recommends adding on the veggies consuming iron and vitamins as it will reduce the excess fat and will strengthen the muscles.
  • Rich in proteins – Boiled vegetables don’t have any spices or oil in them which makes them even healthier for the body. Spinach and potatoes, if combined, makes a good combination.
  • Give glow to the skin – By eating an equal proportion of vegetables regularly gives you fairer and gleaming skin. It improves blood circulation.
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