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7 ingredients that will keep you warm this winter 


With the drop in temperature here we welcome the winter season. In winters, every person feels laziness and a lot of cravings, so to fulfill that we need to eat various food ingredients that not only increase your body metabolism but also keep us warm in cold weather.

Here are some important ingredients which are necessary as they keep us warm and protect us from the viral infections throughout the winters:

Ginger – Ginger is the first ingredient which is hot by its nature to its antiviral property. Through winter drink hot ginger tea or add some extra ginger to your meals to stay cozy.

Nuts- Dry fruits are the special snacks of the winter season. Dry fruits like apricots, figs, dates, almonds, cashews are consumed during winter as they increase the body heat.

Hot soup – Feeling chilled or having a cold cough, then prepare hot vegetable soup at home. A bowl of hot soup should be your first choice to cure the running nose.

Sesame seeds – These seeds are loaded with fats and rich in calcium and provide warmth to your body naturally.

Cinnamon: This ingredient is easily available in your kitchen as it adds flavor to your meals. It is loaded with antiviral and antifungal properties, as well as cinnamon has numerous health benefits and is good to chew during winters.

Desi ghee: A tablespoon of desi ghee on the paranthas makes a breakfast king style. This one tablespoon of desi ghee in your diet can help you stay warm during the frigid winter season. Also, it acts as a booster to the immunity system.

Onions – Onion and potatoes are the primary ingredients of every dish. But eating onions in the winters produce heat and eating onions produce heat and give a sense of warmth. You can add onion to your salad, or add extra onions to your dishes.

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