AAP on Sunil Jakhar’s statement – BJP leaders are not worried about Punjab, they are shedding crocodile tears to fool people

Chandigarh, 16 November

Responding to the statement of Punjab BJP chief Sunil Jakhar, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that Sunil Jakhar and BJP leaders are not concerned about Punjab. These people are shedding crocodile tears to fool Punjabis. But now the people of Punjab are not going to fall into their trap.

In a statement issued from the party office on Thursday, Aam Aadmi Party Punjab spokesperson Ahbaab Grewal said that if Sunil Jakhar and other BJP leaders are so concerned about Punjab then why they did not raise concerns about Punjab’s NHM Fund, Rural Development Fund and Emergency Fund to the Central Government. Why were you silent when funds were stopped?

He said that the Central Government is withholding central funds of Punjab worth about Rs 9000 crore, but the leaders of Punjab BJP do not say anything about it. There is a BJP government at the Center for nine years but till date why no BJP leader has demanded a special package for Punjab from the Modi government?

He said that these people did not even once raise their voice for Punjab in front of the Central Government. To remain in politics, these people just keep shedding crocodile tears.

Grewal said that if Sunil Jakhar is really concerned about Punjab, then he should request Prime Minister Modi to immediately release the outstanding money of Punjab and demand a special package to improve the economic condition of Punjab.


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