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Agriculture based skill development one of the most sought after courses

Agriculture based skill development one of the most sought after courses
October 7
Developing skills according to the needs of the industries is must. Agriculture based skill development is one of the most sought after courses. Vice Chancellor of Shri Vishwakarma Skills University, Haryana, Shri Raj Nehru said this while giving a lecture on ‘Skill Development-Learnings from Haryana Model’ in the lecture series ‘Effective Change-Sustainable Results’ at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis.

Shri Nehru told to focus on self-employment to develop entrepreneurial skills. Focus should be on demand, specialized incubation, development of heritage skills and industry in institutions. He informed that Shri Vishwakarma Skills University has short term and long term programmes, which are self-sustaining and revenue generating. The university has a model of vocational education ranging from elementary education to doctoral programmes. Linkage with industries is an integral part of the curriculum. Teachers have been told to compulsorily spend time in the industry and integrate them in their teaching. Teachers are given regular training. Shri Nehru said that the popularity of the courses offered in the university is proved by the fact that this year about 10,000 people have enrolled for 700 seats. The University has adopted a hub and spoke model with industry partners and institutions.

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