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Atmosphere of fear and panic among Scheduled Caste in Bengal


 CHANDIGARH /Kolkata, 14 May

There is an atmosphere of fear and panic among Scheduled Castes of West Bengal as Police are with the miscreants and The district administration is inactive, said Shri Vijay Sampla, Chairman, Scheduled Castes Commission, who was speaking to reporters after a two-day visit to Bengal.

“The horrific experience we heard from the elders of 1947 was the same experience I had during my spot visit in the village of Milkipara where 12 shops in a row were vandalized and looted,” Sampla said.

Police in West Bengal are with the rioters and that is why helpless Dalit families have left their homes in Nabgram village in Burdwan district and Nabasan village in District South 24 Pargana. The miscreants are roaming around in the public domain.

Not only in the villages, but also in the city of Bardhaman houses have been attacked and set on fire, broken, looted. The residents have evacuated their residences due to fear, and the West Bengal police is doing nothing.

Sampla further added that the police are not taking action as per the provisions of the Scheduled Caste Atrocities Prevention Act, as it requires first filing an FIR based on the allegation, then arresting the accused directly and then starting the investigation.

Not only that, the administrative authorities are not taking action as per the provisions of the Scheduled Castes atrocity Prevention Act, because the affected Dalit families have not received compensation.

The list of victims has not been prepared by the district administration, their losses could not be estimated, so far no compensation has been given to them.

As long as they are being rehabilitated, the administration will have to provide them with rations for their 3 meals a day and shelter for the homeless, which the administration has not been able to provide so far.

Sampla has asked the West Bengal government to immediately dismiss the police officers who have not taken any action as per the provisions of the Scheduled Caste Atrocities Prevention Act and also take legal action against them.

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