barnala police illegal liquor

Barnala, Aug 9

Cracking down heavily on the trade of lahan and illicit liquor, the Barnala police have arrested 118 people, booked 117 cases and confiscated 2573 liters of lahan and 148 liters of illicit liquor and impounded 18 vehicles and 6 working distilleries in this connection in district since March 22.

Giving this information here today the SSP Barnala Mr Sandeep Goyal stated that even during times of covid infection, the Barnala police continues to impart its duty diligently. He added that following the Punjab government zero tolerance policy towards sale of illicit and adulterated liquor, the police are coming down heavily on such nefarious elements. He called upon people of Barnala to report incidents of illicit liquor, lahan or unauthorizedly working distilleries to the police.

Further divulging details he said that during last week of March, the police arrested 4 people in three cases and recovered 24 liters licit and 7.5 liters illicit from their possession and impounded 1 vehicle. Similarly, in month of April 20 people were arrested in 19 cases and 338 licit liquor, 1.125 illicit liquor, 415 liters of lahan and confiscated 2 vehicles along with 1 working distillery. In month of May 30 people were arrested in 30 cases along with heavy recovery of 1795 liters of licit liquor, 36 liters of illicit liquor, 603 liters of lahan and impounded 5 vehicles and 1 working distillery. Month of June saw a huge cache of 27 people being arrested in 27 cases along with 852 liters licit liquor, 56 liters illicit liquor, 1050 liters of lahan and 5 vehicles and three working distilleries being impounded.

In the month of July police registered 29 cases and arrested 28 people. It confiscated 1350 licit liqur, 46 liters of illicit liquor and 260 liters of lahan. It also impounded 5 vehicles and confiscated 1 working distillery. Similarly, in month of August till Aug 5, the Barnala police registered 9 cases and arrested nine people along with confiscating 621 liters of licit liquor and 245 liters of lahan and impounded 1 vehicle.

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