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Can people get re-infected with Covid-19? Here’s the answer!


People can definitely get re-infected with the coronavirus. Even after anti-covid vaccination, health experts say that people can get infected from the virus again. The cases of Covid-19 re-infection are rare but there is a possibility as the statistics and the recommendations are fluctuating quickly that the possibility can change anytime.

As the pandemic broke out almost two years ago and a hundred million people have contracted this virus and recovered from it, many of those infections happened months or even a year ago, and the immunity from those initial infections begins to wane over time, the health experts said.

After getting vaccinated people start breaking norms of coronavirus. They have to be cautious regarding the virus by wearing a mask, frequent hand washing and maintaining social distance is all that keeps the virus away.

Researchers revealed that a study was done that showed that unvaccinated people are 2.34 times more likely to be re-infected with Covid-19 than those who are fully vaccinated which tell the importance of getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

How long does immunity against Covid-19 last after vaccination?

Health experts informed that immunity through vaccination is expected to last up to nine months. More studies are on the way to decide whether there is a need for a booster dose once a year. Hopefully, the results will be out in the coming year.

Some diseases which have a higher risk of re-infecting people with Covid are:

Respiratory disease: At first coronavirus hunt the patients suffering from respiratory diseases and if these patients got sick again then it will be horrible.

Thyroid issues – Thyroid patients are dealing with many health problems and their immune system is weaker than the other people so if they contract with the Covid the case will worsen.

Diabetes: Diabetic patients are more likely to get re-infected as their blood sugar level fluctuates.

Obesity: People having excess weight have higher chances of getting infected again.


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