Bollywood is the second most famous movie industry in the world after Hollywood. The industry is so vast that one needs to compete hard in order to achieve the top position. That is why there is tremendous amount of exploitation in the industry too. Here are some celebrities who openly spoke about their casting couch experience which refers to sexual favors in return for a role in a movie:

1. Tisca Chopra:  In an interview, the respected actress, revealed how she struggled in the beginning of her career when the director invited her to his room. As the actress was already informed by her friends what the director wanted, she worked out a plan and got in touch with his family. The plan worked out well when they went out on the night, when she was in director’s room, along with his family.

2. Ranveer Singh: The actor expressed in an interview on NDTV, about him facing the ugly reality of Bollywood. He went on to explain how he was invited by a casting director to his home in Andheri. He asked Ranveer to be open to “take and touch”. The actor soon realized what the director intended and clearly refused. He also mentioned that it broke director’s heart.

3. Kalki Koechlin: The Bollywood diva expressed how she was invited on a date by a director which she refused. Thus, her role was taken away from her. She also said she faced sexual abuse in the industry.

4. Ayushmann Khurana: The former TV anchor expressed how hard it is to get into Bollywood. He mentioned the time when the director asked him for a sexual favor and told him it was his only option, to which Ayushmann refused.

5. Surveen Chawla: faced five such situations till now. Several roles were taken away from her when she refused to compromise her self-worth.

Even actors and actresses who appear to be leading happy lives have struggled a lot to get the position they are in today. Life is not easy in any career. Outward appearances are often deceptive.

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