CEO, Punjab Initiates SVEEP Campaign with Major Shift towards Digital Medium

Chief Election officer punjab

Chandigarh, August 4

In view of COVID-19 Pandemic, the Office of Chief Electoral Punjab has embarked upon a Systematic Voters Education & Electoral Participation (SVEEP) campaign embracing a major shift in campaign strategy towards utilization of digital & electronic media.

    From holding competitions on essay writing, slogan writing & poster designing through online medium to disseminating Voter Awareness Information through Social Media and to incorporating 5 minute modules on SVEEP in the ongoing online classes in the schools, CEO, Punjab has been carrying out a 360 degree campaign to reach out to masses amid the pandemic situation.

    Divulging the objective of the campaign, Dr. S. Karuna Raju, CEO, Punjab said, “The current situation has posed unprecedented challenges in conducting SVEEP activities, which is all about reaching out to masses. As we surge ahead in these testing times, it becomes all the more important to establish a seamless connect with people, hence the need for digitization of SVEEP activities.” While the world is experiencing slowdown in most of the fields, social media will probably be the only channel to experience an upsurge. However, it will require a lot of creativity and insight in ensuring that messages are communicated effectively, added Dr. Raju.

    Disclosing details about the campaign, Ms. Madhvi Kataria, Additional CEO, Punjab said, “An all-inclusive SVEEP campaign was initiated with an aim to maximize Voter registration but the lockdown halted the activities. However, in the Unlockdown phase, the Office of Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab has astutely tweaked the SVEEP plan embracing the technology with an aim to continue SVEEP activities without any hindrance. It is heartening to see that not only the reach has widened but the outcome has become more measureable with the help of technology.”

    “Apart from undertaking the regular activities like holding competitions in schools/colleges and organizing virtual meetings with representatives of communities like Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), transgenders etc., CEO Punjab is also going to organize an open-to-all short film competition through online platform. A jury consisting of well-known filmamkers has been established to select the winner and the contest will be promoted widely through Social Media”, added Ms. Kataria.

    CEO, Punjab is also going to organize a district level online competition for Electoral literacy Clubs (ELCs). The IT team of CEO, Punjab has devised the entire mechanism for holding the contest and students would be able to participate by logging on to the website of CEO, Punjab. The website of CEO, Punjab is also getting revamped to make it more vibrant & interactive, so as to allow better communication.

    CEO, Punjab has conceptualized a measurable campaign and regular reviews are being held to monitor the progress. Field officers are activated to conduct online activities and they are being given the target to maximize voter registration by end of September.

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