Congress govt dragging its feet on its poll promise on ‘ghar-ghar’ jobs: AAP

MLA meet Hayer

…Slams govt for its move to abolish thousands of posts in Agriculture Dept

Chandigarh, August 10

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab has vehemently opposed the decision of the Punjab Government to abolish thousands of posts in the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

In a statement issued from party headquarters, Meet Hayer, Jai Krishan Singh Rouri and Kulwant Singh Pandori alleged that the Amarinder Singh government, which had ‘grabbed’ power in the 2017 elections by pedaling false promises  of providing ‘Ghar-ghar’ jobs had played a cruel joke with unemployed youth in the state, saying it would have to pay a heavy price in 2022.

Meet Hayer and Jai Krishan Singh Rouri said the Punjab Government, which had  earlier abolished about 8000 government posts in the Water Resources Department amid the Corona epidemic, was toying with the idea of abolishing the posts in Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department.

They said the process of abolishing 2267 posts out of the total 5443 sanctioned posts in Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department, Statistics Wing, Engineering Wing and Hydrology Wing had already started, which was highly reprehensive.

Hayer and Kulwant Singh Pandori on the occasion said the Congress government had been acting contrary to the promises it pedaled ahead of assuming power in the state, saying what could be distressing than forcing educated but unemployed youth to protest for jobs on the roads.

The AAP MLAs demanded the Chief Minister Amarinder Singh to revisit the decision, which seems to have taken in utter hurry to give a semblance of hope to the unemployed youth in the state, instead of dragging its feet on the issue. They questioned that on the one hand, the government was eliminating the sanctioned posts, on the other it was promoting contractual and outsourced recruitment.

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