Till date only one confirmed case of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has been reported from the State of Punjab. The case had travel history of Italy and was checked at Amritsar International Airport and admitted at GMC Amritsar and is stable now. His family members are negative and are stable.

As far as media news of 7 suspected corona virus cases of Ludhiana is concerned, it is clarified that no suspected case of COVID-19 is absconding or missing in the State. These passengers were screened at Delhi Airport and were asymptomatic. The addresses and details of these passengers were not complete as per information received from Govt of India, so the information of these passengers was shared with district administration in order to keep them under surveillance. None of these persons is a suspected case of corona virus disease. 

Govt of India has shared lists of 6850 passengers with State. All these passengers have been screened at Delhi and different airports and have been found asymptomatic. State has contacted 6058 passengers till today and surveillance of all passengers is being done. The contact details of 335 passengers are incomplete and lists have been shared with district administration to contact these passengers once to know about their health Status. It is very irresponsible and incorrect to say or suggest that these are suspected cases of COVID-19

Govt of India is sharing daily lists of passengers of travel from different foreign countries with the State. The passengers are screened at port of entry at Delhi or other airports. As a matter of precaution and to ensure surveillance of each and every passenger, State Govt is visiting and calling every passenger daily till surveillance period of 14 days from day of arrival.

  • Till date Screening and Management Status:-
Lists of passengers received 6850
Total No. of passengers contacted by Deptt of Health 6058
Total No. of patients crossed 14 days observation out of 3754
Total No. of samples tested 96
Total No. of patients tested positive till date 1
Total No. of patients tested negative out of 95
Results awaited 0
Patients admitted on the day in Punjab 10

(One positive,

9 negative but having some cough and fever)

Total No. of patients under surveillance  


Hospital Observation 10
Home surveillance 2205
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