Dengue surveillance team is playing an important role in prevention of dengue: Apneet Riyat

Deputy Commissioner encouraged the Dengue Surveillance team who came to check the Deputy Commissioner’s residence
In eight days, the team checked 13572 houses and 91708 containers and gradually destroyed the larvae from 833 containers
People appealed for maximum support from Dengue Surveillance Team
Said, it is very important to take precautions to prevent dengue
Hoshiarpur, June 12 2021 Deputy Commissioner Apneet Riyat said that the dengue surveillance team, who is going door to door checking the dengue larvae, is playing an important role in the rescue, which is destroying the dengue laurvae. People are also becoming aware. In the last eight days, the 60 Mabri team has destroyed the Larvey found in 784 homes by checking 13572 homes, similarly, the Larvey was destroyed in 833 containers checked by 91708 containers. Gone. Appreciated the work done by the team, saying that the dengue spread has already been controlled at several places underway of door to door checking.
In the same link, today the Dengue Surveillance Team also checked the residence of the Deputy Commissioner and the staff posted at his residence were also informed about dengue prevention. The Deputy Commissioner during this time encouraged the Dengue Surveillance Team and expressed satisfaction on the work done by them and encouraged them to go door to door to door to educate people about Dengue prevention. Appealing to those people to cooperate with staff on duty related to dengue. He said we need everyone’s support in this difficult time so we can all stay healthy. He said the volunteers are conducting surveys for the safety of the people so no abuse will be tolerated.
Deputy Commissioner Apneet said that it is very important to take precautions to prevent dengue. They said that dengue mosquitoes are made whole mosquito from eggs in a week, so coolers, pots, fridge trays and other water utensils should be cleaned every Friday of the week. Also appealed to do well with mask and hand soap from time to time while maintaining social distance to prevent them from Covid 19 They said that mosquitoes of dengue grow in standing water, so water should not be collected around the houses so that mosquitos larvae could not be born. They said that to prevent mosquito bites, wear whole body covering during daytime, use mosquitoes and mosquito frying creams while sleeping. They said if anyone has high fever, headache or joint pain etc they should contact the nearest health center.

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