Directorate of Civil Aviation Punjab permits staggered arrival of flights

Allows only two flights a day at Mohali and Amritsar airport

Airlines to inform all passengers of the quarantine requirements of the respective states before boarding/booking

Chandigarh, July 4:

Sharing the final policy for landing of flights carrying Indians stranded abroad at Mohali & Amritsar, Director, Civil Aviation, Punjab Mr. Girish Dayalan informed that requests are being received from various Airlines/ Charter/ Other operators to land flights at Mohali and Amritsar Airport carrying Indians stranded abroad. In view of this, during unlock 2.0 permission would be granted to Airlines/ Charter Services/ Deportation Flights to land on the subject to certain conditions, said he.

Primarily, to facilitate easier transport, the airlines may ensure that the flights carrying the passengers of other States i.e. Haryana, Chandigarh, and HP may land at Mohali while passengers from J&K and HP may land at Amritsar. After consultation with the District Administration, and capacity of handling incoming passengers and ensuring proper Institutional Quarantine (IQ), the arrival of flights may be staggered allowing only 2 flights a day, at either airport. Under exceptional circumstances, more flights may be considered. The respective State Governments may designate their nodal officers from whom NoC/permission is to be sought and who shall be responsible for making arrangements to collect/transport their passengers to their respective states.

The names and the contact details of the nodal officers may be communicated to the office of the Director, Civil Aviation via email. The airlines/charter/any other operators seeking permission shall ensure that if all the passengers in the flight are from the State of Punjab, may apply for permission to the office of the Director, Civil Aviation. If any passengers in the flight are from the states other than Punjab, then before applying for permission to office of Director, Civil Aviation, they shall seek permission/NOC from the nodal officer of the state concerned. They shall also supply an undertaking from the nodal officer of the state concerned that the arrangements for the transport of passengers from the airport to the respective state and further institutional quarantine (in that State) shall be made by the respective State Government. They shall give a soft copy of the flight manifest in the specified format clearly giving a breakup of the passengers of Punjab (clearly mentioning destination district) and passengers from the other states while applying for the permission.

The permission may be applied at least 2 days before the intended date of arrival. This would facilitate coordination with the other districts/other states for movement of these passengers from the airport. Furthermore, all passengers should be informed of the quarantine requirements of the respective state before boarding/booking. All passengers from Punjab shall download Cova App and should make bookings in advance in hotels for their institutional quarantine in their destination districts onthe App. Pertinently, as per guidelines of MHA and Government of Punjab, all international passengers arriving into the State must undergo Institutional Quarantine for seven days followed by Home Quarantine for seven days.

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