District administration is fully ready to deal with potential floods: Apneet Riyat

Deputy Commissioner imposed responsibility of officials of various departments to deal with potential floods
Officials paid to make all necessary arrangements in advance
S. D. AIIMS was asked to prepare a sector level plan and make preparations
Instructions to authorities not to turn off mobile phones till September
Flood control rooms will provide services at district and sub-division level from June 15
District level control room installed in district administrative complex, people can contact on phone number 01882-220412
Hoshiarpur, 11 June 2021
Deputy Commissioner Apneet Riyat said that complete preparations have been made by the district administration to deal with possible floods due to rains and officials of various departments have been assigned their responsibilities. He is addressing a meeting of officials of various departments today to deal with potential flooding in the District Administrative Complex. During this time, Additional Deputy Commissioner (C) Amit Kumar Panchal was also present with him. Heavy rainfall from June to September is likely to persist flooding conditions, hence advance arrangements are very important to deal with. He said it takes to work in solidarity and coordination to face situations like this.
Deputy Commissioner has made the group S. D. AIIMS was asked to create sector plan at sub-division level as well as appoint sector officer with police coordination. Also they directed trend drivers and swimmers to make first choice or to get their support when needed. Instructing officials to make advance arrangements to provide clean water to people in potential flooded areas. Those officers were asked to perform the assigned duties tackled and responsibly, so that there was no difficulty in dealing with flood-like conditions. No officer’s mobile phone should be off from June to September, but on for 24 hours, he said during flood season. Furthermore, no officer without their permission will leave nor leave his station in this season of floods without their permission. Meanwhile they have given S to the villages affected under Dasuya and Mukerian sub division. D. M dasuya and s. D. M Mukerian directed to work jointly. He said during flood season it should also be made sure children near the rats avoid bathing. He said children bathing in rats during flood season could prove very dangerous. They directed the concerned authorities to make further arrangements regarding this.
Deputy Commissioner Apneet Riyat ne S. D. AIIMS was directed to make appropriate arrangements for evacuation of cities and rural areas where more water comes in rainy season, with full support to Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Panchayat Department on rural development Instructions given to do. Those s. D. AIIMS and Drainage Department officials said they should try to get their own under-affected villages repaired to appropriate locations other than fixing rivers, Dhusi Bun shores. He said that flood control rooms will also be installed at the district level and subdivision level. They said the flood control room will run from June 15 to September 30, so preparations should begin. He said the flood control room at the district district level will be installed in the district administrative complex, whose phone number is 01882-220412
Apneet Riyat instructed health department officials to ensure the arrangement of medicines where doctor’s duty is to be assigned during potential floods, he said the health department especially for contaminated water diseases during rainfall Be vigilant. He hence directed the concerned department to investigate the machinery used regarding boats, life jackets and flood situation. During those flood-like conditions, the Animal Husbandry Department was asked to make appropriate arrangements for livestock. Those s. D. AIIMS was asked to identify hardworking persons in the village instead of selecting social workers and social organizations, to seek their support to face such situations.
S at this point. D. M Hoshiarpur Amit Mahajan, S. D. M Mukerian Ashok Kumar, S. D. M Dasuya Randeep Singh Heer, District Mall Officer Amanpal Singh, Civil Surgeon Dr. Apart from Ranjit Singh, other officers were also present.

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