Doctor at Paras Hospital Panchkula give new lease of life to patient having 6 fractures, head injury & liver injury

400 road accident deaths call for serious management of trauma cases, Dr Pradeep Aggarwal

In India more than 1.5 lac people are killed every year in traffic accidents, Dr Anand Jindal

Over speeding, not wearing seat belts major causes of head Injuries in trauma cases, Dr Pradeep Agrawal

Road Accidents contribute to 83% of all traffic related deaths in India

Panchkula, June 12

With 400 road fatalities reported everyday India needs a strong trauma management system to enable meeting the demand of such emergency situation. In the backdrop of such scenario, the doctors at Paras Multi speciality Hospital Panchkula gave new lease of life to patient who has suffered six fractures, head injury and liver injury in road accident.

Discussing the urgent need to create infrastructure for managing road accident trauma cases Dr Pradeep Aggarwal Director Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery, Dr Anand Jindal Consultant Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery & Dr Ashwani Kumar – HOD Anesthesia, from Paras Hospitals Panchkula said that road accidents contribute to 83 % of all traffic related deaths in India.

Golden Hour concept, which means first 60 mins after any accident are most important. If right patient, reaches right place in right time lot of lives can be saved. He also shared that roads in Haryana are most fatal in terms of road accidents. In 2018 year 5118 deaths in accidents alone were reported in Haryana.

Dr Gaurav Maheshwari said that 400 deaths a day are forcing India to take trauma accidents seriously. 400 deaths every day is equivalent to a Jumbo Jet Crash every day.

Giving details about the case of 56 years old male patient from Kaithal who met with. ajor road accident, the doctors said that when patient was brought to Paras Hospital Panchkula he had 6 fractures, head injury, urinary bladder and liver injury and his blood pressure was  not recordable. The patient was immediately resuscitated and Xrays and whole body CT scan were done which revealed he had fractured Right Hip, fracture in thigh, fracture in leg, fracture of olium and pelvis, multiple rib fractures with lung injury, head Injury, urinary Bladder and liver Injuries.

In addition to all these problems the patient had massive internal bleeding and had dim chances of survival. This patient was Stabilized in ICU by Dr Ashish Arora and team for 3 days after which patient was taken for multiple surgeries by Dr Pradeep Aggarwal & Dr Anand Jindal and surgery lasted for 06 hours, followed by multiple days of physiotherapy.

Now the patient is fully recovered and able to walk on his own feet. Dr Pradeep Agrawal has over 32 years of experience in field of orthopedics and has performed more than 40000 surgeries. He also said that inmost of the poly trauma cases like this apart from Multiple bone fractures, usually patients also suffer from Head injury, Thoracic and gastro ingestion injuries as well, which are equally fatal.

Tips to prevent Accidents:

  1. As they say speed thrills and also kills. Keep a rein on your speed,
  2. Obey traffic rules.
  3. Wear seat belts.
  4. Pedestrians and children come first – Preference is to be given to pedestrians and children crossing the road.
  5. Read caution signs:.
  6. Adopt antiskid break systems in the cars
  7. Air bags in vehicles are a must.
  8. Reflectors to be used on the rear of the vehicle.
  9. Vehicle must be in good working condition- there should be no compromise on the quality of brakes and tyres.
  10. Roads should be in good condition with proper sign boards.
  11. Avoid drugs and alcohol while driving.
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