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Female Employees in Defence 

Female Employees in Defence

March 22nd

The number of female employees in the armed forces is as under:

  No. of female employees
Indian Army 6796
Indian Air Force* 1602
Indian Navy 696

Also the provision of Permanent Commission to Women Officers in Judge Advocate General and Army Education Corps, the Government of India has recently announced grant of Permanent Commission to Women Officers in all other Arms/ Services in which they are eligible for commission.  Further, the Government of India has sanctioned 1700 women in Military Police Corps in a phased manner. IAF has done various induction publicity measures to encourage youth including women to join IAF.  Modules like direct contact programme, print and electronic media is extensively used to create awareness about IAF and educate students about various mode of entries. Approval to induct women in the Indian Navy was initially accorded in 1991 for a period of five years in the Education Branch, Logistics and

Law Cadre of the Executive Branch.  Since then, avenues for employment of Women Officers in the Navy have steadily expanded.  Women induction commenced in various Branches/ Cadres/Specialisations viz. Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in 1993, Naval Constructor Cadre in 2001, Observers in 2008, Pilot and Naval Armament Inspectorate (NAI) Cadre in 2017, Sports and Musician Cadres and lateral induction into Provost Specialisation in 2019. The total avenues presently available to Women Officers are 11 in various Branches/Cadres/ Specialisations.  Further, consequent to Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Order dated 17th March, 2020, Women Officers in the Indian Navy are eligible for consideration for grant of Permanent Commission in ten out of eleven avenues open to them.  Accordingly in December 2020, 40 SSC Women Officers have been granted Permanent Commission.  It is done In addition to the nine Women Officers who were granted Permanent Commission prior to the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Order in the Cadres/Branches.

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