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Follow ‘self-care plan’ for your happiness  


A ‘self-care plan’ enhances your health and wellbeing, control your stress level and maintain professionalism. In self care plan, try to identify the activities and practices that support your wellbeing as a professional person and help you to lead a positive self-care for the future.

To make a self care plan, it is important to understand self-care concept. Then, pen down a chart of self- care routine and act on it.

Self-care is a personal choice of everyone as all of them have different approach to it. Self-Care plan helps in recognising about what you do at work and after the office to look after your wellbeing and personality development so that you can meet your personal and professional ends.

Below are some different aspects to self-care.

• Professional Workplace – Build a healthy relationship with your colleagues. Engage them with some activity. Make a plan of going out on some movies or lunch.

• Physical abilities- Do exercise, brisk walk, yoga. If have opportunity then go for meditation camps. Try to engage your friends into this activity. It will spread positive vibes.

• Psychological Safe – Be stress-free. Spend some time with yourself or with family. Try to be independent. Go for a drive with music volume on high.

• Emotional – If you have some close companionship then share your feelings, problems with them. Have a discussion on the solutions or future plans as it will strengthen your relationship.

• Spiritual – Visit religion places very often. Try to read about their background history.

• Relationships – Involved into a healthy relationship also fosters your mood. Sharing and caring factor is rich for relationships.

To develop a self care plan is very important. Plan the activities which you can perform. And at the end of month assess the change in your attitude or behaviour.

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