food Safety Commissioner directs food businesses to destroy old/stale food material

Food Safety Officers to conduct raids to check sale of putrefied food material

 Chandigarh, May 13:

 The food shops especially halwai shops which remained closed in the lockdown in last 50 days due to COVID 19 have been asked to destroy whole of the old, stale and putrefied food material. Also the packaged food stuff where the expiry date has crossed has also been ordered to be destroyed.

  K S Pannu Commissioner Food and Drug Administration Punjab issued instructions to Food Safety Officers in the state to conduct extensive raids to ensure that the instructions for destroying old food items is implemented in letter and spirit. Hundreds of food premises are being inspected daily across the state to make sure that old food stuff is properly disposed off. The food businesses have been asked to prepare themselves to adopt the new norm of distancing, face masking and hand washing while entertaining the customers, both for home delivery and for serving in premises. On line training of food operators is also being conducted to make them aware about the food laws and practices not only for safe food preparation but also about safe food services. Pannu warned that any person found serving expired or substandard and unsafe food material shall be taken to task.

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