Ganesha is unique in terms of life stories. He has two main forms – First Worship and Lokmangal. These two forms are very useful for us in today’s era. Brahmaji had worshiped Vakratund before when he started public works. Therefore, he had to be the first worshiper.

There are two major literature related to Ganesha – Ganesh Purana and Mudgal Purana. A detailed description of the eight major incarnations of Lord Ganesha appears in the Mudgal Purana. The eight incarnations of Ganeshahad destroyed some such asuras, which were symbols of bad luck. Matsar (jealousy), fascination, greed, anger, and ego. These are not only bad luck, but also names ofdemons. The characters that have come in the story of the eight incarnations of Ganesha are the symbols of our bad qualities.

Form of celebration this year:


When Lokmanya Tilak started the Ganesh festival in Pune, it became part of the freedom movement. Today it is an important celebration of our culture. This year we have entered the 127th year of the festival. This time due to the epidemic, we have to celebrate it in moderation.Many people can be restless because of this. The condition of lockdown and unlock is due to Corona and we have to celebrate this festival with Ganeshji’s image of Lokmangal. This time we should celebrate these nine days with a new vision.

Ganesh, the saviour of life:


Ganeshji and Hanumanji are members of the Shiva family. Tulsidas has written for HanumanjiRam DuareTum Rakhvare. It means you are the gatekeeper of Ramji. This is how Ganeshji first became the gatekeeper of Parvatiji. After that, when Shiva-Parvati ji were resting in the inner part on Kailash, Parashuramaji pressurized Ganesha to meet them. The gatekeeper Ganeshji fought with him. Parashuramji struck a tooth of his. That is why Ganesh is called Ekadanta.This year, keep Ganesha’simage of the gatekeeper in your house. Urge him to protect our lives, livelihood and ask for knowledge from him so that we too can protect our family, business and livelihood.

8 evils and avatars that destroyed them:

How an asura was born as avatar vehicle:

1.Matsarasura (Jealousy) Vakratund Singh from Indra’slove

2.Madasura from Maharishi Chyavan

3.Mohasur (Illusion) Mahodar Mushka from the fraction of Shiva

4.Lobhasur (Greed)- Kubera to Gajanan Mushak

5.Krodhasura (wrath) Lombodar vices from Shiva’s wrath

6.Kamaasura (Kama)Mayur from part of Vishnu

7.Mamtasura Parvati’s love for her children.





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