Government of India prohibits Unauthorized telecast of programmes in India by Turkish Radio TV Agency

Government of India has prohibited unauthorized telecast of programmes in India by Turkish Radio TV Agency. A letter has been issued in this regard.

As per instruction issued in letter Section 5 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995, no person shall transmit or re-transmit through a cable service any programmes unless such programme is in conformity with the programme code. In the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994, the nature of the contents prohibited to be transmitted or re-transmitted are given in the programed code under Rule 6 of these Rules Further, Sub Rule 6 (6) of the Cable Television Rules specifies that no cable. Operator shall carry or include in his cable service any television broadcast or channel which has not been registered by the Central Government for being viewed within the territory of India. The letter said that  as per Section 2 of the Cable Act, the “authorized officer”, within his local limits of jurisdiction means District Magistrate, or  a Sub-divisional Magistrate, or a Commissioner of Police, and includes any other officers notified in the Official Gazette, by the Central Govt. or the State Govt, to be an authorized Officer for such local limits of jurisdiction as may be defined by that Govt. Subsequently, as per the Gazette Notification No 589 of 7th March, 2016, issued by this Ministry. Additional District Magistrates have also been declared as the Authorized Officers. Unauthorized telecast of programmes not only render unwarranted views to the public at large but also propagate false propagandas leading to the problems of internal security in the country in view of the this government asked to concerned authorities to ensure that no Television Channel, which is not permitted by this Ministry, is transmitted in your State. Accordingly issue  instructions and alert all the authorized officers in this regard. In case of violations by the cable operators, immediate necessary action may be taken by the Authorized Officers against the defaulters.

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