Movies are a great source of entertainment with a
different story to excite us everytime. Here are some
extraordinary Bollywood movies you need to watch:

1. Dhobi Ghat: Is a less acclaimed film with some
good actors, acting and hard work. The film plot
is: A video diary of a former tenant in his
apartment fascinates the artist (Aamir Khan), Who
currently lives there, while an investment banker
(Monica Dogra), befriends a pair of workers for a
research project. This film is a must watch.

2. Stanley Ka Dabba: Another film to be added to
the good works. Partho Gupta is the lead actor in
the film. He plays Stanley, a small school-going
boy whose parents are dead. He works at a stall
and he fills his lunch box with all the leftovers from
the stall to impress his friends. The struggle is too

much for his age. It is a short story revolving
around the boy’s innocence.

3. Manjhi (Mountain Man): This is a biopic of
Dasharatha Manjhi who is a poor laborer who has
carved the mountain with the help of chisel. His
wife died during childbirth when they were
crossing the same mountain due to lack of
medical facilities. He blames the mountain for the
death of his wife and child. In the end, he carved
the mountain for revenge.

4. Nil Battey Sannata: A story in which a mother
who lives in a slum and works hard for her
daughter. She works hard so that her daughter
studies well and does not have to live in that slum.
But her daughter gives her a hard time. The whole
story shows the love of mother and daughter. It's
a good movie to watch when you need some

5. Karwaan: This is a story about Avinash and
Shaukat who are trying to clear a

misunderstanding by taking a trip to Kochi. Then
comes a twist of a young lady who joins them.
Story is about three different lives.

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