Health Minister directs all Deputy Commissioners to ensure preparedness for 2019-nCoV

  • Passengers of Punjab having travel history to China is being shared by GoI
  • Out of 1375, 1250 passengers having china travel history found asymptomatic
  • More than 28,000 cases and 564 deaths confirmed in China till 6.2.2020
  • No such case confirmed in Punjab so far

The Health & Family Welfare Minister Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu today issued the instructions to all Deputy Commissioners to ensure preparedness for 2019-nCoV (Corona Virus) as outbreak has been reported from China where more than 28,000 confirmed cases and 564 deaths due to Corona have been reported till 6.2.2020. He said that cases have been reported from 24 more countries and 3 cases have also been reported in India.

Considering the emerging threat of very unknown disease, the Health Minister said that list of passengers having travel history to China is being shared by Govt of India with the Punjab Government, which is being shared with Civil Surgeons of the districts on regular basis. He said that out of the 1375 passengers of Punjab those were having the travel history of China, 1250 passengers have been traced by the teams of Health department and all of whom are found asymptomatic. He said that rest would also be screened by tomorrow and no such case confirmed in Punjab so far. All passengers who have not completed 14 days after arrival from China have been advised for home isolation and to report to Department of Health if any symptoms appear.

He said that 4 passengers of Zirakpur (Mohali), having history of stay at Wuhan Airport (China), were also reported negative. Till date 26 symptomatic cases belonging to Punjab have been reported negative by the NIV, Pune. He said that many passengers with history of travel to China or affected countries are self reporting to Department of Health.

Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu said that if a passenger, who has arrived from ‘Wuhan City’ of China, must be kept in isolation and sampling has to be done regardless of symptoms to rule out any infection. He said that it has been made mandatory that any person having symptoms of fever, cough, running nose, difficulty in breathing within 14 days of arrival from China has to be admitted in isolation ward of hospital. The Cabinet Minister also instructed the Civil Surgeons that they personally monitor the screening campaign so that every person either travelled to China or have the transit history at Airports of China would completely screen.

Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu informed that the list of all Civil Surgeons, District Nodal Officers and control rooms has also been uploaded on the website. The control rooms are working and information is being disseminated to public in a proper way. He said that for the convenience of other departments and public, State control room no. 08872090029 is working 24X7. He said that Central helpline 104 has also been activated for self reporting and for queries of general public

The Minister further said that to allay the anxiety of the passengers and general public, the field worker should carry these posters/pamphlets and sensitize the public. He said that public awareness campaigns are being undertaken at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Railway Stations, Bus Stands and further, help of religious organizations are also being taken to make people aware about the outbreak and very unknown disease.

Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu also expressed gratitude towards doctors and para-medical staff those are tirelessly working in the front line to save the lives of affected patients in China and across the world.

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