Health Minister directs Food Safety Department to ensure quality production of Jaggery in Punjab

The Health Minister, Punjab Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu today reviewed the status of quality of Gur/Jaggery production in the Ghulaaries and directed the Food Safety Department to ensure the quality production of Jaggery in Punjab. He said that it was observed that few of units especially run by migrant labourers are indulging in unscrupulous practice of using unapproved chemicals for making Gur/Jaggery.

Mr. K.S. Pannu, Commissioner, Food & Drug Administration informed the minister that there are 617 Ghulaaries in Punjab, which are engaged in processing of sugarcane to make Gur and Jaggery. These are small scale units normally functioning along the major roads. Mr. Pannu said that all the unit owners have been provided one day training regarding good practices of making jaggery by PAU, Ludhiana. It was also informed that a large number of Ghulaaries in Punjab are producing good quality gur/jaggery which is even exported other countries.

Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu asked the commissioner, FDA to conduct a thorough sampling of the jaggery producer units. He further asked the commissioner to act strictly, including the closure of the jaggery units, which are indulging in the wrong practices harmful for human health. He directed that joint teams of officers of Department of Agriculture and Department of Health should be constituted to complete the process of inspections of all the units in a period of 15 days.

It is mentioned here that people of Punjab are fond of Gur and Jaggery and they purchase the same mainly from roadside Ghulaaries.

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