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Here are some myths about psoriasis disease

Psoriasis is a skin ailment that typically affects the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp and causes itchy rashes and scaly areas. It is a widespread, long-term condition with no treatment, according to Mayo Clinic. Despite the fact that the condition is well understood, there are still a number of myths regarding psoriasis.
The most prevalent symptoms of plaque psoriasis include:

  • On light skin, elevated, inflammatory areas of skin seem red, but on dark skin, they appear brown or purple.
  • Whitish-silver scales or plaques over the red patches or grey scales on purple and brown spots
  • Dry skin that might bleed and split
  • Pain around areas
  • Spots that are itchy and scorching to the touch
  • Pitted, thick nails
  • Throbbing, sore joints

How many times have you had to reassure someone that they don’t have psoriasis? We’re here to clear up that myth as well as a few others. A specialist in Ayurveda, debunked several widespread misconceptions regarding this skin condition.

  • Myth: It spreads easily.
  • According to experts psoriasis is not communicable.
  • Myth: Psoriasis only affects adults.
  • It is true that psoriasis may affect people of any age.
  • Myth: There is no cure for psoriasis.
  • Fact: The expert underlined that there are safe and effective Ayurvedic therapies for the disease.
  • Myth: It’s only itching skin — this can’t be serious.
  • She claimed it is also linked to several potentially dangerous health disorders, such as diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease. It can impact your joints and develop arthritis, known as psoriasis arthritis.”
  • Myth: The family tree is not to blame.
  • Fact: The illness may run in families and be inherited.
  • Myth: It’s simple to identify psoriasis.
  • The symptoms of the various forms of psoriasis are highly distinct.
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