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Home remedies to get relief from menstruation pain


During the menstruation cycle, the muscles of a girl’s womb contract and relax to help shed built-up lining. Many times, women experience cramps in legs, which are your muscles at work. Some women and girls may experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, or diarrhoea as well during those times. Some girls start experiencing stomach pain before the periods.

There are many home remedies which can be used during this time for getting relief from extreme pain:

  • Heating Pad – Place heat pad or cloth at abdomen and lower back. It helps in relieving pain and gives you a peaceful sleep.
  • Oil Massage- During menstruation doctors advice to do massage with essential oil. Massage is mainly done around your abdomen, lower back. Try to do a massage for 20 minutes.
  • Avoid some kind of food during menstruation, that causes bloating and water retention. They include:
  1. Fried Food
  2. Alcohol consumption
  3. Salty foods
  4. Carbonated beverages
  • Reducing or cutting out these foods can help lighten cramps and decrease tension. Instead, try soothing caffeine-free ginger or mint teas or hot water flavoured by adding lemon in it.
  • Having a munching of sugary products or snacks try to eat strawberries or raspberries. You can eat chocolate in fewer amounts to get relief from the excess pain.
  • Ginger water or tea – Grate a small piece of ginger into hot water for a warm cramp-relieving drink. Even if you’re a tea lover then you can add a small amount of ginger n tea it will also help you.
  • Exercise- Doing exercise is an effective measure at reducing menstrual pain to some extent it may also eliminate or reduce the need for pain-relief medication. But be careful that exercise includes only moderate activity such as walking which will be beneficial during your period than doing gym.
  • Drink plenty of water- Drinking water is proven to be beneficial as it keeps your body from retaining water. It helps to avoid painful bloating during menstruation. Warm water or hot water is preferred to drink for cramps, as hot liquids increase blood flow to your skin and relax cramped muscles.


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