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Home remedies to get rid of stiffness in the neck


According to the health experts, women have a higher risk of stiff neck than the men. In 2010 more than 17 percent of women and more than 12 percent of men suffered one or another neck pain. This pain is worse as it can get severe and can interrupt your daily activities, as well as your sleep.

One of the causes behind the stiff neck is the rising use of mobile phones, computers starting from teens to adults. Usage of electronics unintentionally forces people to stay in awkward positions. In fact, looking down at your phone, laptop, or other devices for long hours is the most common cause of neck strain. This hunched position puts a strain on the muscles and causes harm to the soft tissues of your neck.

As per medical experts, do stretching to get rid of neck pain. The stretches can include:

  • Roll your shoulders back and forth.
  • Slowly move your ear to your shoulder on each side.
  • Turn your head from side to side slowly.

Some more remedies to treat stiff pain are:

  • Massage – Make a routine of doing massage around the neck with good nutritional oil which contains natural ingredients.
  • Apply heat or cold pad- If you have swelling around your neck or lower back then you can place a cold compressor or heating pad according to the situation.
  • Reduce stress- Make sure you are not taking much stress because it causes harm to your muscles and bone. While in stress we don’t realize in which position we are sitting and it may result in stiffness.
  • Exercise regularly- In the morning do stretching for 10-15 minutes which will prevent you from this pain in future.

Apart from stretching you need to change some sleeping patterns to avoid this problem in the future.

Even if you are in pain then these sleeping patterns will give you relief from a stiff neck. Changes that is required:

  • Your mattress should be firm
  • Do use neck pillow while sleeping
  • Lie on your back or side
  • Do little bit of relaxation exercise before sleeping


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