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Men can act quite strong and confident in front of everyone when it comes to breakups. However, they go through a hard time while actually moving over their partner because they are more sensitive and emotional than the society considers them to be. Even though it is hard, men are hopeful beings. They put in all the efforts while trying to move on. Here are certain phases all men experience while coping:

1. They Become Sensitive About Their Image: A man might be polite and caring when he is in a relationship, keeping aside all his wishes just to prove his partner how much he loves her. But, once he faces betrayal, he might start being egoistic and not compromise his self-worth anymore.

2.They Start Socializing More: When a man is in a relationship, he might spend most of the time with his girlfriend while ditching plans with his guy friends. However, after a breakup the situation could be the contrary. He might like spending more time with his friends than making an effort to woo girls for a date.

3.The Period Of Enlightenment: This stage might come too late after a breakup but it would appear for sure. The guy would realize that the person he is cribbing over is not worth it and he has wasted his time on something useless. He could also consider to finally move on over his past.

4. Getting Back To Normal: In the last stage, the guy would consider moving on in his life for good. He might wanna go on a date with a new person again and risk everything for a wonderful experience. This is the time he realizes that there are better people out there in the world.

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