Chandigarh, July 9: To further boost investments in agro-processing industry, the Invest Punjab has presented Opportunities on “Agro-Processing sector” to showcase the state’s agrarian economy with unlimited opportunities and enormous growth potential in this field during WEBINAR with Japan, organized by Indian Embassy at Tokyo.

Taking part in the deliberations during the webinar, the Additional CEO Invest Punjab Isha Kalia highlighted the strong existing ecosystem coupled with vast scope of agro-processing industry across the state for inward investments including the collaboration on use of high end technologies in Agriculture. Pointing out further, ACEO said that such engagements have not only given the State an opportunity to understand the expectations of the foreign partners but also helped in a more focused pitch to investors.

Highlighting the significance of webinars as useful platforms especially during the difficult phase of COVID-19, ACEO Invest Punjab said these have certainly proved to be instrumental in wooing the prospective investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Punjab.

According to Isha Kalia, Invest Punjab is participating in series of global webinars starting with “India-Japan VC on Textile Sector: Challenges & Emerging Opportunities” on June 10. The webinar brought in valuable viewpoints and sector specific information from multiple stakeholders based out of Japan and India.

During the said webinar, the then Additional Chief Secretary Investment Promotion Vini Mahajan showcased the presence of complete value chain of textiles sector in Punjab. She also highlighted the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of Punjab based industries which is evident by the current production of PPE kits, N95 masks etc.

Apart from these, a webinar on “Investment opportunities in Northern States of India” was held on July 1 to showcase the opportunities available in the leading sectors of Punjab. Participating in the deliberations during the webinar, Isha Kalia said that Invest Punjab focused on the unlimited opportunities available in the state in leading sectors including Agro & Food processing, Textiles, Engineering, Pharma & medical devices. Invest Punjab has a dedicated Japan Desk to facilitate Japanese investment in the State. Japan Desk at Invest Punjab is not only enhancing visibility of Punjab in international regions but also taking its industry partners to these platforms for effective collaborations and partnerships.

During the webinar with Japan, the Director General JETRO India Mr. Yasuyuki Murahashi emphasized the strong ecosystem in Punjab with peaceful labour relations not witnessed in other parts of India along with strong infrastructural support. On request of the Japan Desk at Invest Punjab, Yugo Hashimoto MD & CEO SML Isuzu ltd. and Kazunori Ajiki MD Yanmar India Pvt. Ltd. also shared their positive and inspiring experiences of operating in the State of Punjab. Kazunori San mentioned that Punjab is considered as the hub of global supply chain of Yanmar’s tractor business. Yugo Hashimoto San shared the experience of continuous support from Govt of Punjab and availability of peaceful skilled labour in their operations.

Notably, Punjab is a one of the major destinations in India for inward investments from Japan. Punjab has a long term relationship with Japanese enterprises. Conglomerate like SML Isuzu started their India journey from Punjab long back in 1983, Punjab has presence of 100+ Japanese business establishments.

Pertinently, the current pandemic has disrupted the business operations world over but Punjab was pioneer in restarting the operations of all companies including the Japanese enterprises. Japan Desk at Invest Punjab in collaboration with Japan Embassy in India and JETRO India regularly organize after care sessions for Punjab based Japanese companies.

To further enhance the enduring relationship with Japan, the said desk has been aggressively reaching out to Japanese enterprises for inward investments or collaborations through Embassy of Japan in India, JETRO India and Embassy of India in Tokyo. Coordinating with the Embassy of India, Tokyo, Japan Desk at Invest Punjab has been reaching out to Japanese enterprises through various webinars.

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