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Is tap water safe for drinking?


The tap water in India is generally not fit for drinking. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai have the purifier tap water system which can be fit for drinking or used. But the other states do not have the proper management.

In Chandigarh, the authorities claim that city’s surface or tap water is completely fit to consume even without the reverse osmosis (RO) process and boiling.

About 844 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service. In fact, approximately 159 million individuals are dependent on surface water, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports.

There is no doubt that in the urban areas the risk is at a minimal rate of using tap water for brushing teeth. Especially in the modern neighbourhoods in the urban areas there is lesser risk. The main sources where you’re a lot more likely to get sick are from using public bathrooms, eating street food or in restaurants, drinking bottled water by local brands. Doctors say this; people having sensitive stomachs should prefer to use filtered water for brushing their teeth as well for protection.

Even we cannot skip this real cause of river water getting contaminated.  The rivers of our nation have been turned into gutters due lack of attention paid by Ruling Administrators as well as the citizens of the country. They dump the garbage, plastic, food and much more into the rivers. The maintenance of tanks, valves and pipelines are poor. So, if the condition of river water is deteriorating day by day then drinking tap water is purely unsafe.

There are a number of diseases which are caused due to the contaminated water. So, In India people avoid using tap water during making food as it is said that it impacts on the stomach and ends up in:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Worm infections

Since most of India’s tap water is unfit for consumption for humans as well as for the pet animals. We would rather not give any pet tap water to drink. As there are chances of getting sick after drinking tap water.


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