When a man gets into a relationship they are most likely shy and uncomfortable as everything is so new for them. They might agree with almost every thing you say or do. At a point you could feel that he is not interested in you and that is why he remains quiet. However, that is not the case. There are several reasons why men, in general, are not too talkative.


Childhood Plays A Vital Role:

The environment of a man in which he has been brought up plays a vital role in their behaviour. They learn certain norms and stereotypes from the society which they feel they are bound to follow. The society dictates in general that men are bold and strong. They are not supposed to crib about anything or even cry because they are strong. Their masculinity is introduced to them in a very toxic way which might take a toll on them and make them too quiet when they grow up. They might appear cold to some people who would refrain from talking to him.

Difference Between The Opposite Sexes:

Woman are quite different than men because they are good at expressing their emotions with the help of words. When faced with a situation where the man has to argue with a female he might not feel too confident given that females are naturally good at debating and he might end up succumbing to her demands.

Trust Issues:

Men also have trust issues like females. They both share this one trait. He might want to talk to someone and express how he feels but on the other hand he would want to refrain from it. The defined stereotypes of the society makes him feel scared if he would be mocked and judged by people. Thus, he considers it best to remain quiet.


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