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Issue regarding Hostel allocation

Chandigarh May 4, 2022 :-  

A protest was held in GH-5 on April 11, 2022 against the Mess Fee Hike. A complaint was registered against the unidentified girls for creating indiscipline and misbehaving with the hostel staff, wardens, security staff and marked to SHO as well as the Dean Student Welfare(s) (GH5/2117/12-04-2022). A copy of the complaint along with the video-graphy (DVD) was submitted.

One girl named “Ms Bhawanjot Kaur” from Deptt. of Philosophy was identified on April 22, 2022 and a letter was sent to the concerned Chairman, Dean Student Welfare, CUS as well as DUI on the same day (SBPH/GH-5/2125/22-04-2022).

On April 25, 2022, Ms Bhawanjot Kaur came to GH-5 as she was allotted hostel by the Chairman of the respective department. The warden easily identified the girl and held the hostel allocation as the case was already under consideration for creating indiscipline in the hostel.

On April 26, 2022, a letter was sent to the Dean Student Welfare (W) to take a strict action against Ms Bhawanjot Kaur by reconsidering the hostel allocation (2129/GH-5/26-04-2022).

As per the warden “Ms Bhawanjot Kaur” misbehaved with the hostel staff, wardens as well as security staff. She refused to show her identity card and kept blocking the Mess area irrespective of repetitive requests by the Panjab University authorities. She even attended the GBM of the hostel when she is not the hostel resident. All the proofs have already been submitted to the Dean Student Welfare office.

DSW constituted a committee to look into this matter. A meeting was convened on April 27, 2022 in DSW office at 2:30 PM to discuss this matter.

The committee members were of the opinion that Ms Bhawanjot Kaur has created indiscipline and misbehavior in GH-5. As per the proofs submitted by the warden, an action needs to be taken against her so that such kind of indiscipline must not be instigated in the hostels.

Keeping in view the above, the members of the committee unanimously resolved that:

A notice be issued to Ms Bhawanjot Kaur by the Chairman, Deptt of Philosophy to explain her position. Till that time her hostel allocation will be kept on hold.

Dean Student Welfare is requested to forward the letter to Chairman, Department of Philosophy regarding point 1.

DSW has already accommodated “Ms Bhawanjot Kaur” in another hostel till the matter is under consideration.


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