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Knee Pain: Tips and tricks to cure knee pain at home


Knee pain is a common health problem faced by every person due to one or other reason. Nowadays, it is mostly found in adults due to their lifestyle habits. Some jobs require sitting for long durations and there is no physical activity which lays an effect on the knees.  Some knee pains are short-term and some are long-term which creates hurdles.

People who have short term knee problems that last a maximum of 7 -10 days can be treated at home itself. There are numerous home remedies available to cure the pain.

When a person experiences unbearable pain or swelling in the knee, there you need medical attention as it can lead to complications further. There is one more case when you need a consultant is when you are unable to put weight or bear weight on the knee.

Home remedies can also support treatment of long term illnesses. Along with medical care, self-care measures can also help relieve knee joints.

Some home remedies to cure knee pain include:

  • Resting the leg
  • Do leg raising slowly
  • Use Ice pad to reduce swelling
  • Use knee support while a brisk walk
  • Manage weight strategy to reduce strain on the knee joint.
  • Do low-impact exercise, such as swimming, and yoga, especially for people with arthritis problems.

During Cold Climate – During winters there are more chances of knee pain due to sudden climate change. During this time, apply hot pads on the knee before going to bed. Heat relaxes muscles and improves lubrication, leading to a reduction in stiffness. Use a hot water bottle or a warm pad and place where you sense the pain. Ice packs, ice wrapped in a cloth, can also reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling on your knees.

Massage – Massage therapy is a good option to reduce the pain of any kind of swelling. You can do massage thrice in a week or as per your condition. Massage your knee with a good oil or olive oil. Just heat the oil on low flame for seconds and then apply to your affected area as it will soothe your pain.

Maintain your weight: Sometimes obesity is also a reason behind joint pain. So if you are healthy, then maintain your weight. Burn your calories, avoid fried food.

You have to take care of your sitting positions: At this time concentrate on your sitting positions. Avoid sitting on the lower chairs or the couches. If you have a chair with a low seat then place a pillow on the chair and then sit. Maintain a balance.

For the patents with knee pain, a healthy diet can be:

  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, and berries, apples
  • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach
  • Decrease the red meat or any animal fat
  • Have more dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yoghurt.
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