Main decisions by Board of Directors of Chandigarh Housing Board

Chandigarh Housing Board

The Board in its 421st meeting held today on 06.08.2020, after detailed deliberations, has taken following decisions:

1.The Paying Guest Policy of the Chandigarh Administration is to be made applicable for the Independent Houses of CHB of the same category. However before its implementation, approval of the UT Administration will be obtained.

2.The proposed General Self Financing Housing Scheme in Sector-53, Chandigarh needs to be reworked. The matter to be again taken up with the UT Administration for increase in the Density and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) so that more flats with better specifications can be constructed. Thereafter the revised scheme may be brought before the Board for consideration.

3.For independent houses of the CHB, standard drawings will be got approved from the Chief Architect of UT Administration. Thereafter the approved standard drawings will be uploaded on the website of the Chandigarh Housing Board. In case of re-construction of independent houses of the CHB, strictly as per the approved standard drawings, no approval will be required. However in case of any deviation from the control drawings, approval through the Online Building Plan Approval System (OLBAS) will be required.

4.The transfer charges @ 15% of the consideration amount and stamp duty will not be applicable in those cases where free-hold CHB dwelling unit is transferred through duly registered Sale- Deed.

5.The Board appreciated introduction of E-Office Module which has done away with the physical movement of files in CHB. The Board further desired to introduce more technological interventions to bring further efficiency and transparency in its working.

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