The society claims that during a sexual intercourse it is a female’s job to satisfy the man. However, that is a mere stereotype. Women equally love sexual gratification as do men. However, some females might refrain from sex altogether because they are either not satisfied or their man is doing something wrong in bed. It is difficult at times to understand what exactly a female desires. Here are some common mistakes all men make during a sexual intercourse:

1.Foreplay Is Essential: Yes! You read that right. Foreplay is essential because that is what builds up an urge inside a person to have sex. Skipping the foreplay could be a major turn off for the lady as she expect great things. Directly having sex is not as enjoyable for her as is sex with some foreplay.

2. They Need A Happy Ending Too: It is not right to get done with sex once you are finished. You need to pay attention if your girl is satisfied or not. She squally enjoys an orgasm as much as you do. Do not leave her unsatisfied and make her happy.

3.Paying Attention To Her Fantasies: Your girl would be shy and won’t ask you for much in bed. You should initiate a conversation about her fantasies and find out what she enjoys. She might have some exciting fantasies which she wish to fulfil with you.

4.Talking Is Essential: Sex would get boring and uninteresting if you don’t talk to your partner at all. You should tell her how you feel and moan when you are really enjoying the sex. If you remain silent she might feel she is doing something wrong or she is forcing it on you. Talking is the key to a successful relationship and it would come naturally if you are really enjoying the intimate time with your partner.

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