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Mental Disorders: Signs, causes and treatment  


Mental illnesses or disorders are referred to the changes in the health circumstances involving emotions, thinking perspective, change of habits or all of these at the same time. It is associated with the difficulties faced in the matter of social, professional front or personal level due to the stress or any other crisis in any of the environment.

According to the sources, mental illness is common as nearly one in five (19 per cent) U.S. adults experience some form of mental illness. Another report, one in 24 (4.1 per cent) has a serious mental illness and one in 12 around 8.5 per cent has a diagnosis of substance use disorder.

There are rumours that mental illness cannot be treatable and people should avoid them, but the reality is that it is treatable. Even, majority of individuals battling with mental illness proceed with their daily routines.

Mental Health involves effective functioning in daily activities resulting in productive activities in the workplace, schools, or healthy relationships. The need is to adapt to change and struggle with adversity.

Health conditions create a blockade to the various functions which requires the change in the below-mentioned environments.

• Important changes in thought, emotion or behavioural change.

• Solutions need to fix the problems arising in any of the social, work or family activities.

If your mental health gets disturbed then it slowly destroys the foundation for emotions, thinking, communication, learning, resilience and self-esteem. Mental condition is also a key to relationships, personal and emotional well-being and contributing to society, explains the experts.

People suffering from mental illness avoid communication related to their ailment, as they are ashamed of it.  But the public has to accept that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of as it is a medical condition, just like another ailment.

There are multiple options available to cure mental illness, and many organisations are researching or expanding on how the human brain works.

Mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, geography, income, social status, sexual orientation etc. It can occur at any age and reports denote that three-fourths of all mental illness begins by age 24.

Mental illnesses take many forms. Some are mild and only interfere in limited ways with daily life, such as certain phobias (abnormal fears). Other mental health conditions are so severe that a person may need care in a hospital.

Mental health treatment is based upon an individual as they can make a plan collaboratively with a mental health clinician and or with family members as if the individual desires. One of the best options is to indulge in talk therapy as it can bring out the emotional outbursts and give relief from depression than medication or other treatments.

Along with the therapy, self-help and support are very important to an individual’s recovery. You need to maintain lifestyle changes, eating habits, and your workout, good sleep for the best and fast recovery. Motivation from your close ones is the biggest treatment which gives the 100 percent positive result.


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