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Mohali hospital offers nuclear medicine for easy diagnostic of ailments

Nuclear medicines procedures are safe, helps in easy diagnostic of ailments, say Dr Saloni Mehta
Grecian Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali, has advanced state-of-the-art equipment including gamma camera and Time of flight PET/CT scanners, for early detection of diseases and guiding treatment plans

Mohali, September 23 2021

Grecian Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali is now offering expertise in the nuclear medicine, the only modality, which is able to assess functioning of various body organs, Dr Saloni Mehta, Consultant Nuclear Medicine and PET CT, said on Tuesday.

With state-of-the-art equipment including gamma camera (SPECT) and time of flight PET/CT scanners, the nuclear medicine is helping in easy and early diagnostic of ailments and in providing treatment plans. The nuclear medicine gives a fair idea about the function of one’s body and what is inside, while it ensures early detection, treatment response and complete cure of ailments because functional changes proceed to structural changes in a diseased organ.

“The experienced physician use equipments and techniques to give patients the simple and honest answers about their medical conditions. A gamma camera is the equipment used for various nuclear medicine tests for practically all organs of the body whereas PET CT can be used for detection, determining the stage, planning the treatment, evaluating the treatment response and follow up of cancer patients”, Dr Mehta said, while adding that nuclear medicines procedures are relatively safe, simple and require some basic simple preparation for a few.

While explaining the new technology, Dr Mehta further added that the nuclear medicine can give answers to hundreds of ailments, including renal scan in patients with recurrent urinary infection, kidney stones or for looking for relative functioning of both kidneys.

“Cardiac scan diagnoses ischemia, scar, and viable tissue with great benefits and also assess the potential therapeutic outcome in these patients. Also, thyroid scan is used for detecting hyperthyroidism or thyroiditis and thus helps in guiding its treatment”, the medical expert said.

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