Punjab Social Justice, Empowerment and Minorities Minister Sadhu Singh Dharmsot has termed people’s cooperation as vital for win in battle against Covid adding that only with this cooperation this impossible task could be made possible.

Expressing this here today, S. Dharmsot underlined that fight against this virus has not ended yet and we need to be vigilant and cautious. “We should all strictly adhere to all health precautions and advisories issued by state government to beat this invisible enemy, he added.

  1. Dharmsot further stated that reason for low spread of virus in Punjab is stringent following of health protocols by people of state, for which they deserve all applause. Besides providing relief and succor to needy during lockdown, state government has also ramped up all health facilities needed to fight this war, the Minister added. Our Covid strategy is being replicated by other states which attest seal of appreciation and acknowledgement on efficient handling of this unprecedented crisis.

Lauding all social and non-governmental organizations for coming forward in helping the poor, S. Dharmsot said their invaluable contribution in providing succor to less privileged especially during this hour of crisis was commendable. They complimented state efforts to ensure unrestricted flow of essential commodities to the needy during lockdown, which has helped immensely he added.

 Dharmsot appealed to people to observe all health protocols including washing hands regularly with soap or sanitizer especially after touching anything. Wearing mask while going out each time besides maintaining social distancing is key in this fight against Covid, he said adding that by doing this we can not only save ourself and our families but can also ensure the virus does not spread in community at large.

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