When it comes to sex, a lot of couples like to go to bed but many other couples like to get out of bed! Sex nowadays is limited or compressed to the four walls of your house but it’s more than that. A lot of couples, especially women, like to get out of the comfort zone and intends on having sex in the strangest, most bizarre places. I think leaving the comfort zone is important, sex outside the bedroom is thrilling. Know where you can hook- up:

1. In The Car:

Some people like to have sex in the car. This is because there is less space inside the car, the reason is you cannot go away from each other even if you want to. Having sex in a car is possible all the time because it doesn’t need any special preparation.

2. A Beach:

All people are busy on their own on the beach, you can therefore take love to the next level here. The atmosphere of the beach is completely different and exciting.

3. Office Lift:

Public place lifts are another place where you can give sexual pleasure to your partner. By doing this the thrill in the relationship continues and your partner loves you more.

4. Parental Bed:

It does not sound right to even think about it, but some people intend on doing that once before marriage, they l go to their parents’ room to makeout. You should take care of your wishes as well as your partner’s intentions.

5. Swimming Pool and Tub:

Another place for those who like to swim or spend time in the water is the swimming pool or tub. You can give happiness to your partner, but it is necessary to know about his wishes.

6. College Classroom:

In college, people often leave classes and move around. In the meantime, there are some empty rooms where you can make love and make your partner feel special.


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