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Post-pregnancy care: Here’s the recommended nutritional diet for women 


New mothers’ bodies undergo several physical and hormonal changes as a result of pregnancy, and their dietary and nutritional needs may differ from those of others before, during, and after pregnancy. Some women may prefer to lose their pregnancy-related weight gain by following a weight-loss-friendly diet, but caloric requirements vary depending on age, body, physical activity levels, and breastfeeding duration. As a result, health experts advise that proper nutrition is crucial for new mothers, especially for faster pregnancy labor recovery, breastfeeding, and overall health.

New moms should eat a nutrient-dense diet that includes whole grains, fibre, and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, leafy green vegetables, beans, and fruits.

Chickpeas, tofu, and lean meats are other good sources of protein. A well-balanced calorie diet rich in important vitamins and minerals found in these foods will help guarantee enough energy and milk production.

Nursing women should stay hydrated by drinking up to 3 liters of water per day and may take prenatal or postnatal supplements or vitamins if their doctor recommends it. Caffeine should be avoided by new moms during nursing since it might make the infant jittery.

Mothers should consume a balanced diet rich in vegetables, vitamin C-rich fruits, eggs, and meat, as well as stay hydrated. There should be no hurry when it comes to losing weight; it should be a progressive process. At the same time, avoid consuming extra calories from ghee and dried fruit laddoos, which may contribute to your baby’s weight gain. Moderate exercise, such as walking and Yoga, is also advised.

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