Punjab Government to install 5172 chlorinators on water supply schemes of state: Jimpa

reiterates commitment to provide clean drinking water to rural residents

Chandigarh, March 18 :- 

          To ensure the safety of the water supply, the Punjab government has taken a significant step towards installing 5172 chlorinators on the water supply schemes of Punjab. This initiative, costing 10.72 crore, will effectively disinfect the water supply and ensure its safety for consumption. Water supply and sanitation minister Bram Shanker Jimpa said that bids have been invited for this crucial step towards ensuring the provision of safe and clean drinking water to the residents of Punjab.

          He said that the Punjab Government under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has pledged to provide clean drinking water to the rural residents of state. The government’s unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of the people of Punjab is reflected in its tireless efforts to protect public health.

          The importance of maintaining these chlorinators to ensure their continued function over the years is recognized by the government. Therefore, the company responsible for the installation of these chlorinators will also maintain them for three years, Jimpa added.  He said that this commitment to ongoing maintenance ensures the long-term efficacy of this initiative and underscores the government’s commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water to the people of Punjab.

          It is pertinent to mention that with the installation of 5172 chlorinators on the water supply schemes of Punjab, the government led by CM Bhagwant Mann is making significant strides towards protecting public health of people of Punjab – thereby creating happy and healthy communities.


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